Saturday, April 29, 2017

Post script: Writing what you want to read

It's easy to write anything you want these days and publish it. I'm really grateful for that. There is a lot of people that I know from my ani-twitter group that's into fan-fics. I've read a few too. Not all of them are fantastic but what they lack in skill they more than make up for it in spirit. With time they do improve. Same goes for fan artist.

I'm part of this movement too, which is nice. I started not long ago, but lately I'm not really happy with the way the writing is going. Feels like an old lady nagging lol. Obviously it's a work in progress. I'm going to change my approach. Try out a few different things.

Ultimately I want to write what I want to read. No endless emotional ranting. What's the point? Maybe I should pick up drawing? Who knows? I love that there are no limits on what can be done.

I hope friends also pick up this habit and that I get to read what they write.

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