Friday, April 7, 2017

006: Romance and Plumbing

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Roby is a big fan of Netflix. Dinner involves switching on the projector, AppleTv and watching a series. A few days ago was 13 reasons why a story that revolves around a suicide of a teenage girl. (Spoiler alert; cover your eyes for until the end of the paragraph) Near the end of series, she dies in the bathtub, leaving the water on for dramatic effect. The water overflows spilling on the floor.

Roby turns to me (in Italian but for convenience I wrote it in English) "Why do they do it all the time?" Referring to the water overflowing and not the actual death. "At least turn off the water… she gonna be discovered in no time" jeezz…

We recently suffered that exact problem some months when we first moved in. We had a blocked drainage pipe in the shower. Everytime we shower there was a risk of flooding the bathroom and wetting the bed. Which happened once. The standard Italian bathrooms unlike Singaporean ones are not fitted with drainage on the floor outside. Therefore it can cope with a situation like flooding. Asian toilets are typical scrubbed down by spraying water liberally with a hose (back in the day). Italian style of cleaning is like cleaning the rest of the house with a mop or something similar.

Re-wind a few weeks back in another film in another woman dying (The Fountain). Another bathtub overflowing. This was when the Hugh Jackman character got into the tub to join his wife at the start of the love scene. "He's doing it because he doesn't have to clean up the toilet himself. Some poor intern probably mop up the mess he created." Then I added "There's no drainage in the toilet. That's the problem! All toilets need drainage system to avoid this problem in the future."

This is our romance after almost 7 years of marriage. Leave your stereotypical idea of romance at the door. This is us in the present.

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