Thursday, June 15, 2017

020: parting the red sea

painting tools

I took some time to draw again. So I'm still gonna update my blog and write but less frequently. The thing I struggled with most is not the actual drawing. But where am i going to find the time to do it. Finding time to do my own thing is a big challenge. Why don't you do this?… Oh you can reach your audience this way and that way… blar blar blar… Ideas are cheap. How to make it a reality is the million dollar question.

In all the time when I was at the old apartment I prioritised finishing the chores and cooking before do my own thing which was sewing and drawing. I got sucked into it. At night I was so tired I couldn't do anything.

A lot of people women or housewives have done it so why not me? The blog was a start. I ignored the housework for an hour or 2 hours. I'm going to try for more, without upsetting our domestic balance. It's an experiment.

It's like Moses parting the red sea. The sea for me is the housework. LOL Or something which my sewing teacher did a long time ago while teaching drafting. She had a tiny table which she did everything on. So the table was crammed full of things. When drafting clothing on a paper you need a certain amount of space to teach. So she pushed so everything fell off the table. LOL So that's how she made room.

That's how you create physical space. Now to extend it on a mental level. Clearing your head of junk, chores and everything you "need" to do. I imagine a white dot growing into a huge white circle, completely blank inside. This mental training works a bit. I cut down the time I on fb and twitter time.

I just want to say how much the story of people struggling to put food on the table inspired to push on. There are millions of people less fortunate than me making things possible. So no more excuses for me.

For updates on my drawings go to my instagram account @juunta

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