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010: The great iron adventure

sprouted mung beans a few years ago when i was in the middle of my sprouting craze

This began in a camper holiday I had with Roby before we were married. It was in the middle of winter. We stopped at Moderna and went to a restaurant. After a very full meal we were paying the bill when i suddenly passed out. I remembered gaining consciousness and laughing out of embarrassment, with Roby worried sick. I felt a bit light headed for some time after moving to Italy. Probably because of the change in diet.

So I had to do something about it. A few months later I had my blood test & it showed I had an iron deficiency. So I took iron supplements which did not work as it gave me an upset stomach and the iron just passed right out. I did not feel any better. So I moved on.

My mom would be make me pig liver broth years ago. It's a traditional tonic given to menstruating women to ease the anemia that comes with it. So I bought of lot of liver, made the broth for 1 or 2 weeks, freeze them in tiny cups. I had to take a dose daily, avoiding coffee before and after taking it. I felt slightly better, less lethargic. After I moved to Montorio/Verona, I took up jogging which also helped.

The worst part about this diet is the prep. Handling liver is no fun. It got to a stage where i was ordering a whole liver from the butcher's and making a whole lot of broth. It was a major operation from the cutting, boiling down the broth. On the day I would make the broth the whole house would smell of pork. orz

Then the thought that I had to make that for the rest of my life, got me thinking that I had to find another solution.

Solution no3 would be Floradix. This is an iron supplement in syrup form. This works quite well at first. Then for some reason, it stop working the longer you take this. This also gave me an upset stomach. I have issues with acidic food/liquid. So 1 or 2 I stopped. The improvements being less lethargic.

I felt the broth worked much better than the syrup. It had a stronger effect compared to the syrup in terms of energy level. I dread the cutting liver again so I had to find another solution.

The alkaline diet. That didn't directly affect my iron consumption. It did improve my health in terms of the acidity levels in my body. Very difficult to go 100% on this diet as with all diets. At best I was at 50%. I tried dragging Roby into this but it's hard. (¬ ‿ ¬) (¬ ‿ ¬) (¬ ‿ ¬) his attachment to cheese is incredible. Fatty cheese like gorgonzola which is his favourite is highly acidic.

I learned that nearly all our food is acidic with the exception of spinaci, kai lan & other leafy greens. orz Even the white rice is acidic... almost all carbs that we consume are acidic. The way out of this is sprouting. Something miraculous happens when you sprout grains, they become alkaline. It's on it's way to becoming a plant! I do this with beans as well like chickpeas and lentils.

The sprouted beans/grains tastes the same as they would before. For recipes just replace the sprouted beans/grain with the normal non-sprouted version.

If you boil them without soaking they are acidic. But if you soak them overnight, then you reduce the acidity. If you sprout even better. I recommend this site the Sprout People. A really detailed site on sprouting, even if you don't buy anything from them.

I used to suffer from very frequent heartburns. This diet really help. Although my iron deficiency is still not solved yet. The next step the nutritional value chart. With that I found the amount of iron in my diet. This is an eye opener. What I thought had high iron value was pretty average. For example beef. Compared to chickpeas. Lentils has even higher iron values than chickpeas. Shellfish is super high in iron and prawns too. This site is great. A bit of math and you can calculate how much iron (or any other mineral) you consume a day.

I didn't do any weird scientific experiments. This is based on what I consumed and how it affected my daily life. Back to the beef. Digesting food uses up a lot of energy, some more than others. After a finishing a steak or a burger, I feel so sleepy I need a nap. I'm effectively out of action after that. Although I benefit from the iron consume, napping or feeling sleepy means I can't do much else. The benefits are nullified.

I don't have access to good seafood so the shellfish option is also out. Food poisoning is not really worth it.

My current diet is accidentally vegan/vegetarian for lunch. For dinner is "normal". Italian or Chinese not a lot of pasta, not a lot of meats. Fish. We are still evolving our diet. Roby is currently obsessed with the ideas of a italian nutritionists he found on youtube. So expect more changes to our diet. I have experienced a marked improvement in my movement/speed, I think faster too. It's so freaky when most of my life I have been sluggish.

It's not really a disease but it might have just been. If I have discovered this earlier in life maybe I would have did better in school, or maybe I would have done better at work. Who knows.

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