Saturday, July 29, 2017

21: Exhibition of watercolours… Spillo and his human

Volcana the event at Forte San Briccio came and went. 12 of my watercolours were put up there. There are were a whole lot of artists whose works were shown, ranging from paintings, installations and, even etchings and drypoint. Etchings and drypoint are really nostalgic because I use to make those in school. For 2 years of my life I had been grumpily churning out prints. Ahhh my teenage angst period ^^;; There was a great community spirit going on with the organising and that transmitted into the event itself. Thank you. Go to their fb page Volcana for more on the 3day event For letting this interloper put up her works. I had a great spot too… at the bar. The works were small (around 16x 24cm) so they had to be viewed up close.

It was way too early to be exhibition since I started painting seriously in June but I couldn't missed out on this opportunity. And I'm glad I jumped in. Well that was a great motivation! I found another to put up my works in another place.

Quite the perfect location… our dog sitter Micaela's place. But this time only 5 paintings due to space constraints. I'm so glad she agreed. We dropped the paintings off yesterday. In 2 weeks I will change the exhibits with new works.

In case you missed it, I will post the watercolour paintings on my instagram acc @juunta bit by bit. I'm hoping to find a gallery for my works online soon. Keep you updated when I do. The watercolour paintings are for sale, if you are interested contact me on my email:

Here is where we found Micaela our super dogsitter > Dogbuddy If you are looking for a dogsitter in Verona or Italy…

For more future events at the fort search for "Forte San Briccio Verona" on facebook.

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