Wednesday, April 12, 2017

009: Time of fairies and giants

A particular story of a manga Nanatsu no Taizai struck me. One where Diane the giant was playing with King the fairy. Just a game of tag or as we call in Singapore "catching". They had a lot of fun. A few days passed and they went back to village of humans encountering an old man they thought had met a few days ago. Thanking him for his help with the medicine he gave Diane. The man was a bit puzzled as this was the first time meeting the pair. Then he realise they were referring to his grandfather which often talked about a fairy and a giant he met a long time ago.

What was moments for fairies and giants was 1 or 2 hundred years. Relatable. It's has been more 10years since I moved to Italy. Almost 10years since I met Roby my husband. It all seem like yesterday. Memories of the past seem to compress itself.

I'm not sure if i have changed much. Certainly I don't feel any different mentally. After all this time I'm still trying to find my way, at least that hasn't change. The biggest change is accepting my limits and working within those limits. Repetition and time taught me that.

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