Sunday, April 24, 2011

Venezia Aprile

Despite my bitching, Venice on a friday night was enjoyable. There wasn't the usual crowd. Nor the parties. So that was bearable. We (me and Roby) didn't know where we going, led by Ivan and Miro. Ivan a resident of Rialto. We were half drunk. Thanks to the bad wine, cold spring air and speed walking it was not possible to get really drunk. The night was short but sweet.

crowd at rialto

The next day we had a late breakfast. We were greeted by the weekend crowd at Rialto. urghhh... quite unavoidable. We went off to meet a friend in a very quiet corner of venice, (I won't say where ;P ) . We ate at a bar... aw the grilled squid was so good. Took a ride on the Ruf's boat. That was fun... We took a train back to verona in the evening.

More fotos here.

Link to juunta's shop here.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prelisting sale - Fisherman's Pants

Here are some photos of the trousers I made in 2 designs. They are available for sale for friends only. They are limited. Right now there are 2 pieces. I will be listing them on etsy on a future date.

These pants are really comfortable yet formal and stylish. They are based on a traditional thai design, which I have adapted and made more user friendly. I will be making more them in other materials, so watch out for it.

Eccoli! Ho fatto 2 paia di pantaloni da vendere ai amici prima di mettere online tra qualche settimana. Sono i pezzi unici.


Description / Descrizione:

Model name / Modello- Pants01
Trousers in grey wool and red cotton trimming
Pantaloni di lana grigia con dettagli di cotone rosso

Size / Taglia:
Free size / Taglia unica

Length / Lungezza:


Description / Descrizione:

Model name / Modello- Pants02
Trousers in light grey pin stripe wool suiting (2types)
Pantaloni di lana leggero a righe

Size / Taglia:
Free size / Taglia unica

Length / Lungezza:

Friends only Prelisting Sale -How to buy?
Please meet me personally where you can pick up and pay me directly. You will also be able to try them. Please arrange for an appointment by email or sms. I will be in Singapore from 1-24 May. 

If you are interested in them, when list them on etsy I will announce on this blog, so watch out for it. Se ti interessa, controlla questo blog per l'annuncio.