Tuesday, April 11, 2017

008: Lost childhood

In the final fight scene Reigen san tells Mob to run away. I know a lot of you are not anime fans so you might have missed this very important scene. Reigen san is a con man and uses Mob to exorcise spirits and the like, make a lot of money in the process. Mob is a gifted child with super psychic powers therefore is often forced into a situation where he has to deal unpleasantness. As you know a lot of this "fighting" animes ends off with a big show down with the final boss. This is a bit different.

Reigen san doesn't have any psychic ability. He's only talent is persuasion. Run away and let the adult handle this. That was his message. So Reigen san fought on his behalf… Go watch watch the series if you want to know what happened before and after. lol I love this scene.

Indeed this is rare in most of the anime the gifted child always ends up having to do the un-childlike thing of fighting horrible evil monsters/ people/ situations. What's the worst is a lot of real children in real situations like this. (I speak of the situation in Singapore when I am most familiar with.) Child suicides are not rare. My friend SP was recounting of an article in the papers of a primary 5 child. Even if the parents are not ambitious or loving, the pressure to perform in school is immense. The friend's daughter who is doing her PSLE this year typically has ballet, piano and violin lesson outside of the school curriculum. Her daughter chooses all the extras not her mom. If I was her I personally wouldn't.

I tried a math question posted by another friend in another whatsapp group in this article about Singapore in the top 3 countries for math education. Needless to say it was too difficult for me. Pretty challenging being a parent in Singapore. It's hard for adults/parents to hold their own in the school syllabus.

A common mentality is to push the child to the limit especially if they show some promise. Studying is not fun, not in my time and certainly in it's current form in Singapore from what I gather. As a student you HAVE to study if not you will no future. It's still haunting after all this while. I'm not very smart, I tried really hard but results didn't reflect that. My mom didn't really push me at all.

This kind of competitive spirit at a young age just cause a kind of burnout in me. So I'm glad I'm not in their position. This is probably the cause of my laidback attitude.

So it surprises me that here in Italy the attitude towards learning is completely different. My nephew on Roby's side of the family speaks perfectly formed sentences at age3. If you have tackled Italian verbs and words it's no walk in the park. His parents decided not to push him too much so he won't lose interest when enrols in school. They let him play as he likes so he could discover his own interest. Discovering his personality through play. School work & future is a small part of this.

Yeah it's strange for me. Work is overrides everything when I was growing up in Singapore and still the case today. When my parent were away for work it was ok, because it was important. When kids study without any breaks, it's for their future, so it was accepted. So the present gets ignored for the sake of the future. Childhood gets sacrificed for the future. The precious time don't ever come back.

I don't think it's right to ignore the future career opportunities. The children shouldn't have to feel that they have to deal with everything by themselves, just because their parents are too busy working. Be a hero to your child. And good luck.

(ps. This issue has been bothering me for some time now. It's not really my expertise but I feel I have to get if off my chest so I'm writing it in this post.)

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