Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Miman Renai by Takashima Hiromi ... Kung-fu Master by Agnes Varda

I finished reading this fanastic manga Miman Renai. I found this on one of forums on ugly male leads.

It is about a relationship between an older guy and young girl. It is hilarious. I like non judgemental stance of the plot. We all know it's wrong, why is it wrong... Turns out his experience in love is similar to that of the young girl ... zero. So in a way they are quite matching. What is also great that the lack of hesitation on both parties, in a sense they are both quite sure of their feelings. In no way has he thought of tomoe like a daughter nor do tomoe see him as a father . They are equal in this sense. 

Kurose is really well drawn. I especially like way the mess of hair was done with marker.

It reminded me of a film of a similar plot Kung-fu Master by Agnes Varda. This time an older woman with a 12 year old boy played by Jane Berkin and Agnes Varda's son. That left an impression. I watched that almost 10 years ago at the Singapore International Film Festival where I worked, we were doing retrospective of Agnes Varda. In an earlier documentary by her, showed Berkin proposing the project and Varda asked her son if he wanted to play the part. Wow imagine having your mom asking you if you like to play a lover to your mom's friend or your auntie... That's cool! I always respected the french love of challenging social conventions. I can't remember if Berkin's character was divorced as a result of this or that she was already divorced. I do remember her having 2 daughters, the boy/lover being the classmate of the younger one. The wonderful opening shot was great too. The boy moving to arcade game music in a karate outfit.


Miman Renai can be found on miman translations  and http://www.mbtranslations.info or follow the links on mangaupdates.

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