Monday, January 17, 2011

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

On saturday we went to watch Zeitgeist: Moving Forward by Peter Joseph. This is the third in the series. A very thought provoking film. There is no way what I can describe will do any justice to it, so for those wants more information just go to the website . I do like some of the ideas proposed by this movement .... stop the reliance on oil and use other forms of energy like wind and solar. (side track: over here in italy, some politicians have been selling the nuclear energy as green and renewable energy. The worst part of this is that there are some italians that actually believe them. ) ... equitable distribution of wealth ... a future more mechanised and less work for all.

However there were a lot of statements of what a more equitable and just world should be. As to how this could come about ... it doesn't give details. The end of the influence of religion, politics and best of all money on life. How will this come about?

As an individual, I'm average. I try my best to recycle and live frugally. I'm agnostic, not catholic but not atheist either. I am not so willing to give up some ideas that have picked up from religions. And why do I have to give them up, since those ideas served me well. It is difficult to change my own habits, let alone the habits of someone else. There are too many weak links.

Where does art and culture fit into this scheme? People have different ideas of how they want to lead their lives. How do you convince them to be a part of this? It's like herding cats. The doom day scenario will most likely bring about change, because we are already seeing it today, mass unemployment, civil unrest and natural distasters. We have the ideas of what to do, but how to go about it is still a big question.

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