Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doing a dahlia.... ;D

preview: pannier ... bicycle bag on an olive tree

I have been out of action for 2 weeks, no excuses I just fractured a rib on the way home taking fotos of the bag that I was going to sell online. I was on a bicycle happily going downhill, while it was speeding I lost control of the bike. The handle bar rammed into my rib, my knees was bruised as well. I was in shock and sat on the road for a bit. Thankfully there was an elderly couple in a car stopped and gave me a ride back home, which was a few minutes away by car.

The worst part of this ordeal was 7hr at the emergency ward (pronto soccorso). I can't complain, because they did a barrage of tests, blood test, eco-scan and finally x-ray. Sitting there was horrible. The other patients had it worst, especially the non emergency cases, so don't go there unless absolutely necessary. The other good thing was I didn't have to pay for the test. In Singapore I think it would cost at least 1 or 2 hundred dollars.

Doing a dahlia

What has Dahlia got to do with anything. Dahlia is my accident prone friend. We have been friends for almost 20 years. When she was a wee girl, she fell into a drain. The latest incident was when she climbed up a fence going after a cat, she fell and got scratched. The worst one ever was when she accidentally chopped her hand while chopping a coconut. She keeps being really careless, but it's part of her nature, so she can't help it. Anyways she always gets back up shining, smiling as if nothing had happened.

She is a survivor. She is a survivor of many accidents! How can I loose to her... in any case I really have recovered a bit and don't feel much pain. I'm far from being shiny... well I'm not dahlia.

Agnieszka, Franek and Marta comes to town

My friends for warsaw came by for a visit. It was nice having them around. It was a few days right after the accident. We didn't take a single foto of us together!  I stayed at home while they went out sightseeing. Oh well, I couldn't help it, it was hurting a bit when I was in a wrong position. Well at least I did manage to get some filing of our bills. We went out the restaurant up the hill mizzole from our place. Great food! We had bigoli (bigger version of spaghetti) with stew meat of ass, pasta with rabbit, gnocchi of ricotta, beef stew with amarone (a yummy super rich version of the wine valpolicella) and vegetables, with polenta. Again no fotos here I was more concerned with taking my pill...


Many days later I just started preparing with my website at etsy. Oh my god... I didn't realize there was so much work to be done, even after the bags are sewn.... where have I been all this time. Up in my little cloud 9. :( ... or maybe reading too much manga, watching too much anime. I have already cut down my manga /anime time, still it's not enough. Above is a preview, a foto I took before my fall. Will announced the debut of the shop online as soon as it is up.  <3

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