Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inspiration of the day! Backpack by kaorick mochasse

I went to the Japanese street for my usual update of the weird and wonderful japanese street fashion. This guy Shunpei Kodera outfit of the day is really nice. There wasn't a one single piece that was calm or matching prints. Everything that is suppose to clash didn't ...all blended very well together.

There were the manga print hood and shorts, which were great and went well with the dyed white hair. But my absolute favourite has to be the backpack. Details piled one on top of another. Dolls, fake teeth, action hero, toy eyes then top off with tons of colour paint. I don't I get tired looking at it. As someone who makes bags. I would never dream of adding fake teeth to my bags! Amazing!

I found the site of kaorick mochasse She does very interesting halloween costume type accessories. No a bad find for a grey day like today. Thank you Mai Tanno of Japanese streets for taking the shots.

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