Friday, December 24, 2010

Smoke but where is the fire... my first christmas

My first christmas started around when I was 5 or 6, I can't remember exactly... around the time of this photo. There was no snow, the tree was plastic. We were new to the concept. Therefore no santa claus, not even a fake one. Who's idea was it? Most likely uncle peter's. He would start something and everyone would tag along. We had ourselves a christmas tree I think... the first generation type not lush unfolding type, but the stiff type. Presents were placed under it. Lights and decorations. It was very nice. What a great atomsphere!

I can't remember the details. My uncles and aunties were there (I think...) my brother was there for sure, uncle peter, my mom, auntie li hua, chris (i think but I'm not sure)... Every thing was hazy.

My uncle Peter decided that we should have a barbeque! Yeah! Great! In the balcony, the very same one u see in the photo above. An area of roughly 2 x4 metres. We must have had squid, crabs and chicken wing. Of course how can remember from so long ago, but since these were bbq staples :)

We had a tiny pit. We started the fire, before, during and sometime after it got real smoky. In fact that was what I remember most about that night. Presents... forgetable... food ... forgetable . My mom freaked out at the smoke and oily mess, and had a big cleaning session after that. We (the kids) were ordered to leave the sofa. She had a super exaggerated way of cleaning the parquet. She flooded it with water and with detergent as well. ahaha she wiped the floor as least a few times. I'm not sure if she destroyed or cleaned it.... :)

Christmas was a real eye opener. Bbq was banned from the balcony thereafter. I had fun though. It was really lively. I had great memories in the 70's in that appartment at moulmein rise. Merry Christmas everyone.

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