Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busy busy busy...

Finished some corrections on the first sample (bicycle bag) I made. Seems ok. Now just to do the patterns for it, then the second sample.

I have been busy lately working on the bag, housework and .... reading some interviews on the manga scanlations scene. Very interesting read, in fact so interesting I forgot about reading the latest release on my manga. They are pretty cagey about their identity and what they do in real life. I gathered that they started it as college students and spend a lot of time on it. Some of them work in groups, some are one-man show.

I was thinking this to myself when I was reading the latest One Piece, these people don't sleep do they. Releasing 1 edition (translate existing manga into english and posting on the internet) a week, plus there are so many releases by the same group. And then to see also tons of releases by other groups. I don't think they get paid, since I read it for free. To put in so many hours and not get paid. It's a double whammy, because you have to have a source of income (if your parents don't pay for you). This means on top of the scanlation, the day job... It requires sheer will power.

I am trying to get some of that power for myself. My time mostly gets eaten up by housework. I am aiming for working for the long run, in the most human way possible. But working at home I get bothered by the need to clean that part of the house, do the laundry, clear the dishes, cook... endless things to do, and I have not even touched my sewing. I guess I am not a very efficient machine.

It's great that there are people out there that have found early in life, pouring energy into it and making it happen. Since they are so many, it won't be lonely for them as well.

As they say in Manga... lend me your strength....

Non ho voglia di tradurre in italiano. Siete bravi ;) Scarpo e faccio il modello della borsa. ciauuuu

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