Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Juunta's spring releases on Etsy- Sleep Mask

Ciao! finally releasing something that I've work on forever. I'm proud to presently a collection of sleep mask after I've correct and perfected them to death.

Inspiration for the pieces comes from watching a lot of anime namely Mawaru Penguindrum, to be specific the ending sequences. In the end it looked like something from another anime hmmm it doesn't matter as long as they are pretty looking.

Kiraboshi-blue sleep mask

Kiraboshi-blue sleep mask

Kiraboshi-blue sleep mask- Back

Kiraboshi-blue sleep mask (2nd version)
pls email me directly if you want this version. thanks <3

Kiraboshi-grey sleep mask

Kiraboshi-grey sleep mask

Kiraboshi-grey sleep mask- Back

Houndstooth black & white sleep mask

Plaids black & white sleep mask

Hoodtooth /Plaids black & white sleep mask -Back

These sleep masks are available for sale on juunta's shop on Etsy.

There are more than 1 item (of each the design) are available in stock. I will re-list them after the first one is bought. If you want more of the same item please email me > juunta@gmail.com with the item name and quantity and I will re-list accordingly before processing the order.

Until the next time ciaoooo <3  karen

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