Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fujoshi loves... Adekan

I want this blog post Fujoshi loves completely ad hoc. I only started this updated with the idea that I don't have to have continue it. I haven't written anything about my current love and discovery of BL.

Disclaimer: I discovered myself more a fangirl than otaku ie. I seriously doubt my ability for deep analysis. I'll just go asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl like I can't contain my excitement. Am I too old for this? YES, do I care NO? XDDDD

Yes on with it.

I love Adekan kyahh asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl

Here is the description on Mangaupdates.

First of all it's listed as shoujo... huh? you'll think. That's Shiro is crazily into sleeping with girls in the brothel. At best, he's bisexual not completely gay. At the end of the day, my favourite couple Kojiro and Shiro don't do any real loving!

Adekan is set very loosely in the late 1800's Japan. I say "loosely" because of the tight leather /buckle gear and the fantasy chinese opera visuals are common features. I don't know what happened in that time period, but it's fairly lawless in the Adekan world. Kojiro is the straight laced police officer solving criminal  cases and Shiro is his "umbrella maker" friend.

I reassure you it never leaves the "shoujo" bounds, more accurately it's shounen-ai that never becomes yaoi. Yes, it's one big tease. Strangely more erotic than any yaoi.

how to put on your underwear... XD

Kojiro is the traditional good guy; warm, principled, stiff & dense. He cooks. He is caring. He keeps teaching Shiro how to wear his underpants XD. He would make a great husband.

Shiro is an airhead with a dark history. (We love heros with dark history) Seems fragile. Constantly being tied up and put in a compromising position. But really Shiro is a real gem of character. Unusual for a "uke-like" protagonist he is not a tsundere and is deeply masculine inside; strong will, physically strong & dexterous. He has a super hero quality (when the scene calls for it). I just love Shiro <3 <3 <3

Even though he is so feminine, he oozes erotism ... he seduces the reader. Need I say more.

This manga has more: great visual style and unusual composition, and a comic plot. I love this to death. It's being scanlated by Nakama and there are also chinese and italian scanlations, just google it to find them. Any comments just mention me on twitter @juunta. You can also follow me if you want. I leave you my favourite scene for the last. <3


  1. You have just opened my eyes to a great find!
    I absolutely am in love with this manga!
    Greatest review ever!
    I thank you so much :)