Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I got distracted...

There is a few goals I want to achieve with juunta's shop: Shortening the time I come up with the idea and the actual listing on etsy. Combining my interest in manga and anime with the things I sew. Finding the right item to sew I am satisfied with and that sells.

Shortening the time and increasing the rate of release of each item. The problems are: I'm slow but thorough. Thorough is fine, slow is not. I'm not going to change, so excuse me for being human :p . Yes, I have a big problem.

Combining my interest of manga/anime with sewing. I want to something completely ridiculous. There are some ideas I want to try out but nothing final yet. It's not so easy to find something nice and worth doing. I'll keep thinking.

As with the third problem I haven't found this magical wonderful item yet. Time will tell.

See juunta's latest release The Black Thread - clutch bags.

Go to juunta's shop at etsy.

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