Friday, September 12, 2014

I'm back…

Hello I'm back. It's been ages since I did the last post. What an embarrassing story! orz

I'm trying to change the way I blog so that more posts are created. I don't have a lot time so I need something very minimal and fast. Mostly it'll be focus on my sewing works. I haven't stopped sewing all these years. If i had to pick between sewing and blogging, of course I'd rather sew!

I'm no longer on etsy because there's just too much prep work involved in setting up shop there. I don't receive enough sales to merit the work I put in. A lot of emphasis on photography and trying to create some product range which was very taxing. After much soul searching I feel that should still sew since my love for it hasn't stop. Throw out the parts I didn't like and focus on the part I like is my intention. XD

I do take orders for any of my items (that used to be on etsy) and also made to measure clothes or items. Please contact me on my email address and I will follow up with a quote and how to go about it.

Anime/manga fan

I became an anime & manga fan a few years ago and have not been able to stop. Most people who know me irl don't know of this. A friend even thought that my twitter account was hacked. XD that was super hilarious. My twitter account is my place for anime & manga going-ons. You can follow me there @juunta but be warned if you don't like anime or manga then you will find my retweets/spam unbearable. I'm a fujoshi just so you know (¬ ‿ ¬) ………

I'll leave you with my favourite character of the summer season Kaneki <3 Good night!

fr Tokyo Ghoul ending sequence <3 Kaneki, Yomo & Nishio <3

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