Friday, June 15, 2012

Fujoshi loves- this is boy's love...

There was a period when it wasn't about manga, anime or boy's love. I haven't changed much (I hope) This is from the 1st year I was in Milano. Still a bit naive. Prior to that I lived all my in life in Singapore. I had only understood things from that perspective. As you it's know it's a small place, plus I lived in a protected environment. Everything nasty was filtered out.

I was talking to a housemate of mine then (the mad one) (there is a whole long story of why he is called the mad but let's not go into that) when the story of how he did it with his cousin (a boy) when he was 12. How we arrived at that topic I can't remember. It was summer at a camping trip, it was dark and they both didn't want to talk about it the day after. I was surprised but not completely. He shook his head and said it was a "mess". My housemate is not gay, I knew that for sure because of the constant stream of girlfriends.

At that point, I had been in Milano less than a year. I didn't know what the culture was like. I had the idea that it was poles apart from Singapore. But just how much different, that was a mystery. I had no other reference, so naturally I thought EVERY boy must have gone thru that! WOW Italians are so liberal I thought. I was naive. 

They are different from Singaporeans in some ways but not completely. It was then I was sitting at the kitchen probably eating, I started chatting with my housemate's boyfriend. He was around 26 tall bespectacled (megane kun) milanese. Not my favourite person in the world. Boring guy. A real ji ji ~ old man. Busy crossing Ts and doing everything properly. Mr know it all. But still he was friendly enough. 

My housemate was in the shower. I don't know how I approached the subject. My philosophy is if you want to find out something, just ask. If the other party is embarrassed, he won't say anything. So I asked if he had ever tried it with a guy. And he said yes. I went: what? really?! Really unexpected. He wasn't ashamed of it or anything. He said it was part of the growing process. It was also around 12 or 13, & it was with a friend. And no he is definitely not gay. He didn't consider it as sex. I think that was pretty amazing don't you think. If mr nerdy can do it, then I think it's more common than you think. I respect the Italian's attitude towards sex. It's so organic. I'm sure this is only 1 version & more version out there.

I think it is a privilege of an older person to be able to ask absurd questions and get replies... XD

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  1. lololol! just hilarious. 12 years old and you're old enough! Well, I guess so, in Western countries. I love how it's "okay no you don't talk about this sort of topic like sexuality" back in SG... ._.

  2. Wow, yes, I really think that's a privilege for you xD I'm strangely jealous, what a cool story, really interesting(huum at least they must be bisexual?just thinking xD). I'm trying to compare with the "vision" in my country (Chile) and there is really no point of comparision... from my point of view