Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First listing- Bicycle bag/ pannier

This is my first listing on etsy, after much delay. This bicycle pannier is a result of a try out working with my brother. He wanted something sporty, sleek when we spoke about it. Then I forgot about the details because of my wedding and the craziness that followed. We went to Amsterdam for our honeymoon, there I saw the most beautiful bicycles I have ever seen, absolutely gorgeous.

Cycling was a way of life. They had those bags which I later learnt from my brother that they were called panniers. So I had this vision of creating a pannier that was attached to the back of the bicycle, you would ride everywhere. You could put your groceries in it, books, things for a picnic. Ohhhh and life would be so romantic.

I got back to my brother... he had a different idea of what he wanted. Something sportier. Opps... anyways what's done is done. It's not the easiest thing to put together so I am very happy that it is done.

Bag Description:

Name: BiciBag

It is made to strapped to the back rack of the bicycle. The minimum size should be at least 14cm x 31cm if not slightly larger. This fit is quite important. It has a velcro fastening.

the strap wrap around the rack and up through an opening.

The bag is made up of 2 side bags with flap cover on both sides that attaches to the body with a velcro fastening.

Height from bicycle rack downwards= 35cm

Dimension side bag (inside): H31cm x W15cm x L33.5cm

press studs fastening for tigher /looser fit

press studs fastening for tigher/ looser fit

There are studs for tighter or looser fit.

Materials: The bag is slightly waterproof. It is made with charcoal hemp cloth with black waterproof lining. It will not withstand soaking. There are plastic backing inserted to prevent the back touching the wheels.

Weight: 1.4kg

To buy go to esty and search for juunta or click here.

There are more photos here.

If you can't find it, email me and I will direct you there.

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