Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Monk's bag

Monk's bag

My friend Lina commissioned a copy of her favourite bag, a Monk's bag.

The fabric is dark charcoal grey hemp, with light wool lining. The original was more of a sling bag, with a very simple design. A design originating from a temple for the monks it was made to be reproduce easily with very little waste of fabric. Standard width of panels were used with lining, so the desired length cut out. the original has only 4 lined panels. I find this quite interesting.

Hemp which is much thicker than the original, had "problematic" seams because it becomes really thick when sewn together and can make the bag look really bulky. I've solved this by using the lining as much as possible.

Modifications include the length of the bag handles which is shorten to a tote length. The original (in the foto) had already been shorten (roughly tacked). The size of the bag lengthen. A zip has been on the top.

The zip was practical but i couldn't keep the simplicity of the design. It became closer to a standard/mass produced model …oh well…

I tried making this as brief as possible but still coughed out so much text. ^^;;

Until the next time <3

Monk's bag- charcoal grey hemp
original bag. handle tacked. It's really from a temple i kid you not…

pretty top view :3

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