Friday, May 20, 2011

wah Singapore ... damn stress!

roses from roby for our 1st wedding anniversary <3

Wah... what an intense 3 weeks in singapore. Cramming my social life into this short period and then back home in verona, with the long dry spell of nearly no daily human interaction (aside from husband and my in laws) ( which I actually prefer). After clearing some work I will be looking for some idiot part-time job.

This all feels like that french movie I saw years ago Le Feu Follet . Meeting old friends and realising you longer belong to this place nor are you part of their lives. They have changed, you have changed. Everybody is moving on.... with family and kids, married, single, straight, gay... doesn't matter anymore. Everyone is more settled, excepting the situation. Happy to see everyone but i have to go back to my country life soon.

Everything getting expensive, if i move here i have to be very careful with the money, take public transport and eat at home everyday. Life is definitely more intense here, well with more person packed into a square km compared to verona... it has to be.

The local culture is changing from 6years ago. Since culture has never been top priority anyway. It has always been money, more so today than when I left. It is more asian for sure, more chinese, filipinos, thais. I'm not staying here so i have no right to hate it. The beauty of culture if you allow it to change, give it a bit of time it could be good thing. So what if you end up with frakenstein, at least it's alive. If you try engineering it, it will become plastic and singapore will turn into a theme park. The money factor sometimes rob you of your common sense. That aside I think the situation is quite optimistic.

I was lucky enough to go to a political rally in woodlands on the thursday before polling. That was quite interesting. Roby remarked that it is a good start, but 20years behind the level of public participation in italian politics. "Why are the speakers so polite?" "Why are they talking about economic issues only?" I guess I still learning about politics. Isn't it strange that with that many people living here, there is hardly major strife going on. I think the answer is new immigrants hardly have any political power as individuals. If you are new in the country for 2 years, you think about surviving not about voting rights.

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